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Aamina Ali

Chief Financial Officer

Aamina Ali joined the Narratives Team in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer. She first got involved as a pianist at the first show in March of 2015, and has since been recognized as the official house pianist for all subsequent shows. With a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, Aamina has much experience with business strategy, financial analysis, and organizational management. While passionate about both music and business, she also believes in the importance of providing dedicated platforms and resources for mental health. Aamina spends much of her time jamming with other musicians, writing music, and performing at shows and events. She also harbors a strong entrepreneurial spirit, involved with many professional events and startups around the Metro Detroit area.

Hammad Ali

Co-Founder and Director of Narratives of Pain

Hammad has long pursued his passion for education and mental health advocacy. He holds a B.S. in Psychology, an M.S. in Medical Sciences, and has completed his first two years of medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Additionally, Hammad is the CEO and Founder of Ally Learning, an education consulting company partnered with the State of Michigan seeking to reach the educational goals of adopted youth in the Metro-Detroit area. Through Narratives, Hammad has co-created an opportunity to continue advocacy, spread awareness, and promote community through engagement, understanding, and artistic expression.

Marianne Caddy

Event Director

Marianne Caddy has been with Narratives since their second show. She is a licensed social worker, serving older adults at a local non-profit. Marianne was part of the Michigan State University Slam Poetry Team during her years in East Lansing. She was a strong advocate for mental health awareness and resources on campus, and worked with other students to create a community healing event called Embrace the Rain, a feature of Michigan State's Mental Health Awareness Week for three years now. Marianne's favorite things include bruschetta, red pandas, Space Jam, miniature things, and the super hits of the 70's.

Zain Shamoon


Zain's educational background is in Human Development and Family Studies, receiving his masters in family therapy back in 2011 from Michigan State University. Alongside his studies, Zain has always been interested in the meeting place between art and healing. Specifically, Zain is always trying to find ways to create spaces where people can tell their personal stories on route to their own growth and wellness. While at Michigan State for undergraduate and graduate studies, Zain a seven-year director of a student-acted theatrical show called the Tunnel of Oppression. In March 2015, he helped launch Narratives of Pain with Hammad Ali. Currently, Zain is telling his own story through music and art, and is completing his PhD in Human Development come Summer 2017.

Zain Mahmud

Director of Public Relations

Zain is in charge of public relations and expanding the reach of the organization. He works with team members to coordinate tasks within the organization and makes sure things run smoothly with potential partners, venues, and storytellers. Zain is a graduate of Communications and Media Studies from the University of Michigan. As a singer and songwriter, he was a featured storyteller in the first Narratives of Pain showcase and was deeply moved by what he witnessed and experienced. He has been a key part of the organization ever since. He has a huge passion for art, is a proud husky owner, and is a world traveler.